Digital Marketing Trends - 2018

Posted on March 01, 2018

Everything has become accessible in this era of internet and smartphones. It is also changed the way businesses approaching the customers to increase their brand value, customer loyalty and gaining attention. Here are the latest and most effective digital marketing strategies to boost your brand.



Possibly the simplest and most convenient form of digital marketing in this day and age. Chatbots are essentially Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots embedded within messenger platforms, which help brands and other companies market their products efficiently without incorporating the human resource aspect. Chatbots target the consumer directly, they pull information from the customers viewing patterns, understanding the kind of products a person is looking at and simultaneously push marketing information about the products. With the ever-changing style of communication evolving into simple instant messages, this quick and efficient way of marketing is reaching the consumer directly. Using Chatbots, marketers can interconnect their social media accounts and keep them up to date with simple messages from – Facebook, Slack, and Messenger etc. Marketers can also create Chatbots to perform basic tasks such as monitoring ads, replying quickly to customers or scheduling content on their websites.


Content Marketing 

The most basic and longest running form of digital and analog marketing. Content marketing encompasses detailed write-ups about different products, blogs, videos, and any technology strategy to get information about a product or company out there. Content creators utilize organizational methods to create relevant and consistent content that can easily cut through the clutter. Content marketing is also cost-efficient and benefits the companies that employ it. Better than just selling a load of information to the consumers, content creators filter out information and work with a target audience in mind, so the content reaches you straight without the fear of spams and junk information.


Story Telling 

“We don’t go online anymore.

We live online.”

In this new world where capturing moments and sharing them have gained priority, the definition of 'stories' has also changed. One could simply choose to tell a story through written text or they could do it with images or videos embellished with stickers, emoticons or GIFs. These are visual stories that have gained momentum in multiple social media platforms. Starting off with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp and even Youtube has followed suit. These days one chooses to express and tell their 'story' of the day through these platforms and this impacts other users by constantly keeping them in touch with each other. The marketing strategy and art of storytelling keep changing but one thing is certain. In this day and age, short and impactful stories (visual or otherwise) are the way to go. 


Video Marketing 

Video Marketing is an emerging trend that ties itself well into the social media age. With its power to reach users across the country and globe, it is a cheap, fast and efficient way of ensuring that a product is marketed. The number of 'likes', 'shares' and 'comments' a video gets, the more viral it will become. Brands often try to create videos that are either impactful or humorous but the idea is one --- to make sure it receives a large reaction from users. One video can be shared on multiple platforms accumulating consumer attention from all over the globe. The interesting part in this type of marketing through social media is that one does not need to pay to post their content but they can, however, choose to 'sponsor' their content which would reach a larger number of users and show up on the user's newsfeed. 


Influencer Marketing 

The form of marketing that targets and influences an individual rather than targeting the entire market in its entirety. Influencer marketing was the most popular form of marketing in the year 2017 owing to their effective utilization of social media platforms. Brands and digital companies partner with these influencers to widen their reach and influence a targeted audience rather than give out general and basic information about the brand. Customers see their favorite celebrities wearing or promoting a certain brand and want it instantly. Influencer marketing in 2018 has also become more transparent with the feature of ‘paid partnership’. This is yet another marketing strategy that advantageously blends into our daily lives and markets products to us almost passively.



Long gone by are the days where marketing was simply writing content and text and putting it out on different platforms. With the evolution of technology and the progress, the most effective way to get people to decide what they really want is to help them visualize the entire experience of having that particular product. The essential goal of this marketing strategy is to get the customer to stop the second guess and deciding whether they want a product or not, and simply want it. Getting a customer to visualize what their life would look like with the product in it, reasonably increases the chances of them wanting it and buying it. Human minds and psyche are automatically programmed to imagine the consequences of all our actions. The aim of visualization is to prove to a consumer that these consequences will be positive.  The most effective way to carry out this marketing strategy is to employ all the senses – Touch, sound, sight, hearing and smell. This gives the customer a complete sensory experience inevitably leading to a YES!


Mobile First 

Mobile first encourages marketing companies to think about the mobile experience of their product and ideas. In this day and age, it simply does not suffice to put out content and hope customers will stumble upon it. This marketing trend targets the faced paced generation and the largest growing demographic audience – the millennials. With everyone inevitably moving to smartphones, it is ideal that brands and companies move their marketing to mobile surfaces. The incorporation of more images and very selective text is a great aspect of mobile first marketing. This grabs the users’ attention and gives out all the information in a shorter timeframe.


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